Monday, February 28, 2011

fab frocks at the Oscars!

My pics from today's red carpet?

Loving lilac these days - and Mila pulls it off perfectly!

Cate always gets it right. LOVE the colour and beaded detail...

Hello Halle! Is that bod for real?! Great amount of tulle going on here...

Lots of red on the carpet today - Sandra's got my tick today!

For a 14 year old, Hailee (from True Grit awesomeness!) looks as cute as a button. I read an interview with Hailee the other day - what a down to earth girl she is! Love how in all her red carpet appearances she's dressed like a 14 year old should (so many child actors {and parents!} could take note here!)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

more OPI love

I love it when our mail lady at work phones me up from a few levels below and says "there's a package down here for you. International" and quickly hangs up - as if it's something from out of space that may harm her from having any connection with...

I was delighted to get said call about half an hour ago - with - wait for it - more OPI goodnesssssss!!

And what bottles do I add to my collection this month:

Top row (l-r): big apple red; bubble bath; you don't know jaques; ski teal we drop
Bottom row (l-r): nail envy for thin nails; here today...aragon tomorrow; Mrs O'leary's BBQ; party in my cabana; start to finish top and bottom coat.


Very happy with this selection - although party in my cabana is not as dull of a pink as I had hoped for. It's very similar to strawberry margarita which I bought in my last haul. Loving Mrs O'Leary's BBQ - I had it for a mani the other week and fell in love big time!

Big apple red is seriously the bomb! I know it's some time away, but I always imagined that if I had an engagement party I would throw a backyard gathering in the fun colour scheme of turqoise or aqua and pops of RED! And this is EXACTLY the red I had in mind - it's like a POP of red, bold yet fun and young. It's beautiful - and I can already tell it will coat my fingers should such a backyard party ever occur!

If you're an Aussie and looking for a nail polish hit - I cannot recommend Transdesign highly enough. These
polishes retail in David Jones for upward of $19.95, on this site - they are all $5.75.

Happy nail polish shopping!

too much blog-goodness to know where to begin!

Every morning I arrive at my desk, coffee in hand, email up and running. After paying attention to any important work emails first and foremost, I then turn my attention to blogger. I usually have a quick scroll of what's on offer for the day, open one or two of my favourite blogs, then get back to my work - making a mental note of all the blogs I'll come back to at lunch time.

Today was different. Every where I looked there were posts I HAD to read then and there! Blog world - I'm impressed. You are all churning through some AWESOME, inspiring work.

So I thought I'd post my favourites, in case you're yet to read:
  • Awesome kitchen inspiration at Once Daily Chick - I am loving the Samantha Pynn kitchen that keeps popping up everywhere!
  • Embroidery hoop pinboards at House Mad - who'd have thought! This is one project I plan on recreating in our little pad!
  • Emma's got the goods - whipping up another gorgeous baby outfit! I think I know where I'll be going for my little niece's birthday presents - the Little Miss Emma range is adorable! Go the Victorian talent!
  • Sarah brings us another uber cool Fashionable Wednesday - and reminds me how much I wish Chanel lived in my wardrobe....
  • Louise has finished her very lucky little girl's bedroom - I'm wishing her Mum was mine today, that crochet blanket is just perfect!
  • And finally the gorgeous Sonja (whose little girl Allegra is way too cute!) draws our attention to the most fun online linen tool! POP by Sheriden allows us to create our own virtual bedroom look - how cool! Let the inspiration flow!
Thanks to all the above bloggers and their way too-cool-for-school blogs! You rocked my world this morning! Just don't tell my boss - I promise my work productivity will increase as the day wears on....

image via here

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The 8 week challenge

LB has spent the last five weeks shedding 5kgs. I'm impressed to say the least. And it has made me envious. I have about 5kg to go to get to my ultimate WW goal, yet have hovered at the same weight for months now, with no motivation to really try and achieve what I set out to do.

So - introducing the 8 Week Challenge.

I'm joining LB on his quest to shed a further 5kg. I've given myself eight weeks - which will bring us to 19 April 2011 (with weigh in being every Tuesday). I plan on following the WW plan to the tee during these eight weeks - and showing my forgotten face at the gym to really kick things along.

Looking back over my weight chart on the WW online tools, I can't believe how many months have passed with zero movement. Back in May of 2010 I was three kilos lighter - I need to get back there and then lose a few more.

Having LB by my side will sure help. He has been unwavering in his quest to lighten up to lower his cholesterol. I'm so proud of him - and he's looking super sexy! Hopefully this is something we can achieve together - and be all the healthier for!

Stay tuned for week 1 results next Tuesday!

image via here

Friday, February 18, 2011

Can this leopard *have* her spots?

For year's I've kept my deep-seeded desire to cover my body in leopard print garb at bay...

A quick walk through Myer's fabulous new Melbourne CBD store during my lunch break however would let me believe I can let this leopard out of her cage!!!

YAY! Leopard is in again!!!

First things first: I want a pretty pussy-bow shirt! NOW!

FAVOURITE: from Jigsaw, but at $249 a little exy for a blouse...

Is this print too big and bold? Bardot's buxom version

All sold out: ASOS

D&G (I'm really dreaming now...)

If it's not a blouse then it will most definitely be some 'wow' factor leopard print shoes...oh the decisions!!

How do you like your spots?!

Amazon UK - free postage to Au - get it while it's HOT!

Online shopping. High Aussie dollar. Free postage to Australia until 15 May.

Need I say more?

Head on over to Amazon UK and pick yourself up a bargain. All purchases over £25 incur no shipping costs. Wahoooo!!!!

My latest purchases?

The Italian Mama's cooking bible (I swear I was Italian in a former life...)

Carrying on the obsession. We're still addicted to this series of Jamie!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

hens on the loooooose!

In a few weeks time I'm throwing my lovely kiwi friend Tam-Tam the ultimate Hens Party!

LB and I are flying to Tam and her Aussie lover boy's wedding in Queenstown, NZ in April. Alongside a trip to a country I've never been to - and a chance to wear that Alannah Hill dress again - I'm most excited that I've been asked to conduct the official proceedings during the reception: hello MC Hammer! ('break it down!)

To celebrate Tam's nuptials, I've helped her kiwi based bridesmaids organise a super-rad bachelorette party to be held here in Melbourne on 5 March! Two of her bridesmaids are flying over for the occasion, and Tam and my previous housemate Sarah is flying in from QLD too! To say I'm excited is an understatement!

And what do we have planned?

Well Tam's a total wild child, so with the theme "Paint the town red" we're out to cause some trouble!

A lovely late lunch will kick things off; followed by bridal games, champagne and canap├ęs at the bride's house. Then we're set to get our creative juices flowing with a male nude life art drawing class! Following all the giggling that this will surely evoke, we'll then have a knock at the door from a certain male visitor who will leave nothing to the imagination! Good thing Tam's mother-in-law-to-be has a wicked sense of humour - I hope this doesn't offend anyone!

A trip into the city to a host of our favourite bars and we're sure to make Tam's send off into married life a night she'll never forget!

Time to find me another red dress to wear!

a year in the making.

Foxy came into fruition a year ago today.

Happy birthday foxy - thanks for opening my eyes to the extraordinary talents of the bloggersphere. I know you're small and humble in comparison - but to me, you're ace.

♥ We can only get better from here ♥

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Alice the camel...

In Europe last year, I prepared myself for the long haul flight out of the bustling Heathrow in London with plenty of reading material: UK Marie Claire (sooo much better than the Aussie version), UK Vogue, UK Red, UK Grazia. Boy was it fun! Being a few seasons in front of our fashion back home in Aussieland, it was great to see what the UK girls were rocking out in the lead up to their winter.

One word: camel.

Camel from top to toe, but most importantly - the camel coat.

I had one of these when I was a teen that I picked up from an opshop - that I thought was grand but at the time it was a little unfashionable. I wish I had held on to it! I could have totally done camel vintage.

I know it's a long way from winter here in Victoria (although the weather Gods would have you thinking otherwise with the strange summer season that we've had!) - but I can't wait to don a camel coat this year!

The much heralded Max Mara 101801 (gush...!)

What's your fashion-must-have for the upcoming autumn/winter season?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Lovers, and oh what a bonus!

So late last year my boss presented me with a fun bonus: a gift voucher for 2 night's stay at Melbourne's Rydges Hotel, smack in the middle of the CBD.

Living in St Kilda, and working in the city Mon - Fri, I could have thought of a few different places for the boss to send me as a treat. But I'm not complaining - as LB and I have decided to cash in our voucher this weekend as a fun Valentine's Day adventure!

So Melbourne tourists we will be this weekend - with an upgrade to the spa suite I can't wait! Really hoping the sun will show it's face by the time Friday rolls around (wishful thinking?) With its renovated pool, city views and complimentary buffet breakfast this is one V'day weekend I'm sure we'll enjoy!

The cozy bed I plan on sleeping-in in...before frocking up for a night of good food and wine at some of Melbourne's hot-spots!

The lobby bar where we'll indulge in a cocktail or two! (loving those yellow chairs!)

The pool that we'll relax by! (Gosh, if only I had that bikini body...stunner!)

How are you spending V'Day?!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Guess who's cooking at my house?

Well, me...actually. But guess who I'm cooking with?


This fabulous book travelled through Amazon's trusty courier services across the globe to my hot little hands. Can't tell you how excited I was! The Jamie obsession continues in our house.

This book is great, Jamie talks his readers through basic cooking techniques, cuts of meat, how to shop for the best produce and what to pair with what. I'm excited - as a novice cook this book is bound to help with my tasty creations!!

Now - all that's left is to decide which amazing dish we'll create tonight!

Happy weekend all!


Friday, February 4, 2011

Picking tulips

I'm going a little ga-ga over the thought of tulip tables of late. I know, they're everywhere - but who cares? They're fab! And tulips are one of my favourite flowers - and the the tulip skirt is most definitely the most flattering for my body shape. I think I'm sold.

Wanna know what's best? - I even found a few cheap(er) replicas here in Melbourne (we all love a bargain!)

Examples? Sure...

If only I had a pretty tulip table to adorn with bright bunches of freshly-picked tulips - am I now going a little tulip-crazy?!

images 1|2|3|4|5|6

Thursday, February 3, 2011

We can always count on decor8 to bring us fabulous new finds - loving these interiors by Bolaget - if only I could understand Swedish a little more!

love!! Especially the bottom right hand image with the blue chair and bird printed chair. That bird print is to-die-for!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

OD'ing on OPI!

I had always lusted over the overpriced (but beautiful) range of OPI nail polishes. When in London (gush - Selfridges!) I picked up my very first pot - a lovely neutral sandy colour. On my way back through duty free in Australia - I picked up a few more, "OPI on Collins Ave" and "Russian Navy"

Needless to say, I'm now hooked.

Thankfully, through the ever-trustworthy girls on the Vogue forums, I found a US website selling them for a tiny $5.75 a bottle! With the Aussie dollar at parity - who could resist! They retail at David Jones at around the $20 - 25 mark! BARGAIN!

I spent an entire evening working my way through the different colours and picking out a few (ok, 7!) to buy. I placed my order (and yes - got those tingling feelings of buyer-satisfaction that come with all good online purchases!) And then I waited. And waited. A month passed - no nail polishes. I was sad. Then I was angry. I emailed the company thinking I'd just parted with my money for a scam - only to have them responded quickly and promise to refund my card - which they did.

So. Can you imagine my surprise when a parcel full of pretty polishes showed up at my door today?!?

Yep - they're here!! Now to the question: is it bad Karma for me to keep them??? If it were a small Aussie retailer then yep, sure - I'd be the first to contact them and pay my dues. But this large, American company that had me waiting months and months, longing in anticipation for them to arrive?

Oh I already feel guilty. But aren't they preeeeeeeety??

Colours L-R: Do you lilac-it?; Chapel of love; Chocolate Moose; Strawberry Margarita; OPI Red; and Alpine Snow.

Maybe I'll just jump back online and buy some more to make up for it?!

And yes - I know a few of these look very similar - but they're quite a bit different in real life :)