Tuesday, February 1, 2011

OD'ing on OPI!

I had always lusted over the overpriced (but beautiful) range of OPI nail polishes. When in London (gush - Selfridges!) I picked up my very first pot - a lovely neutral sandy colour. On my way back through duty free in Australia - I picked up a few more, "OPI on Collins Ave" and "Russian Navy"

Needless to say, I'm now hooked.

Thankfully, through the ever-trustworthy girls on the Vogue forums, I found a US website selling them for a tiny $5.75 a bottle! With the Aussie dollar at parity - who could resist! They retail at David Jones at around the $20 - 25 mark! BARGAIN!

I spent an entire evening working my way through the different colours and picking out a few (ok, 7!) to buy. I placed my order (and yes - got those tingling feelings of buyer-satisfaction that come with all good online purchases!) And then I waited. And waited. A month passed - no nail polishes. I was sad. Then I was angry. I emailed the company thinking I'd just parted with my money for a scam - only to have them responded quickly and promise to refund my card - which they did.

So. Can you imagine my surprise when a parcel full of pretty polishes showed up at my door today?!?

Yep - they're here!! Now to the question: is it bad Karma for me to keep them??? If it were a small Aussie retailer then yep, sure - I'd be the first to contact them and pay my dues. But this large, American company that had me waiting months and months, longing in anticipation for them to arrive?

Oh I already feel guilty. But aren't they preeeeeeeety??

Colours L-R: Do you lilac-it?; Chapel of love; Chocolate Moose; Strawberry Margarita; OPI Red; and Alpine Snow.

Maybe I'll just jump back online and buy some more to make up for it?!

And yes - I know a few of these look very similar - but they're quite a bit different in real life :)


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