Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Storage woes...

So our place is small, and I like to hoard.

Not the greatest marriage.

Our living area is home to a number of mismatched items: a dark brown really big couch; a pine wood tv stand; a dark brown/walnut coffee table; a dark brown wooden get the picture.

With our small bookshelf overcrowding and my collection of junk ever-growing, I've been looking at the Ikea expdit series to help solve some of our storage woes. The only problem is - which colour do I go?

In my ideal world our whole house would be white with light/natural/taupe pieces of furniture (like my obsession with these couches which are popping up more and more). But our rented walls are green and the furniture that we have is I should go with the dark option, right? Keeping everything same same and possibly making the room look even smaller with all the dark heavy pieces?

Or do I throw caution to the wind and start my collection of white pieces - so that gradually I can start changing things over to how I really want the place to be. I've always wanted to get my DIY-hat on and paint the table white, after seeing too many cool examples in Real Living over the years, and I could easily paint the TV stand white. Or is that just a lot of unnecessary work?
But look at how pretty the white shelves can look:

But then the dark are not too bad either:

Oh decisions, decisions. I seem awfully incapable of making them these days!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Paris; she stole my heart...

I could have stayed forever...with my love, in the city of love...bliss!

But now I'm back, after seven glorious weeks exploring all that Europe had to offer. So many highlights, so many surprises, so much fun. I'll be sure to share some more...

I've decided to put together a scrapbook of my Europe travels, so plenty of research to be done - I've never scrapbooked before! I want to make a beautiful collection of the best photos and memorabilia that I collected along the way - a fun little project to keep my mind from the 'post travel blues' !!

Are you a scrapbook pro? Any hints or tips to get me started?!
(Ali I think I'll be stalking your blog for the next little while...!!)