Thursday, May 26, 2011

luscious lips!

As part of the Seriously Smooth Skin challenge that I have set myself, I'm paying particular attention to rediscovering my once-luscious lips. The have been far from luscious in recent times, more like dry and cracked :( Not even Katy Perry's cherry chapstick would do the trick!

But now..behold! It's Clinique's Superbalm to the rescue!
Yep, this little baby tube of goodness came in the post yesterday, and after treating my lips to a dose before bed last night I've already noticed an improvement today. So much so that I've cracked out my favourite pink lippy to show off the pout! this shade of MAC lippy!


How do you keep your lips looking luscious all year round?

Monday, May 23, 2011

skin shopping

I've spent too much time this last few weeks browsing StrawberryNet and reading reviews on Makeup Alley - it's addictive to say the least!

I've tried this year to make more of an effort with my skincare routine. Being 26 and all, I'm starting to fret about the damage I've probably done as a youngster; forgetting to moisturise, wearing makeup to bed after coming home from a massive night on the town, and generally not taking great care of my body's biggest organ.

So. I've started mixing things up. A few of my latest purchases to help see me through the Winter, rehydrate my skin and undo some of the damage of the past:

Dermalogica: Skin refining masque
A skin-clarifying, texture-refining masque with oil-absorbing clays and purifying plant extracts to deep-cleanse the skin, helping to reduce oily-skin breakouts.

multi-active toner

Dermalogica: multi-active toner
An ultra-light facial spritz that refreshes and hydrates the skin while smoothing the surface. Helps condition skin to prepare for proper moisture absorption.

intensive moisture balance

Dermalogica: intensive moisture balance
An ultra-rich phytonutrient moisturizer designed to combat dry skin and reduce the signs of premature aging.

I've been using Clinique products for a while now, but have read so many great reviews about Dermalogica that I've decided to extend my routine and bring a few new babies into the fold! It's amazing how addictive beauty products can be! Let's hope these new products do as they say - and I'll be on my way to smooth-as-a-baby skin in no time!!

What skin care products do you swear by??

Thursday, May 12, 2011

keeping calm, carrying on


Sometimes it doesn't all go the way we planned. I get that.

I've always planned on falling in love, getting married, having a million babies, and living happily ever after. Living the simple life,  but loving it.

So you never think anything would ever get in the way of said plan. Like, your health.

As I blogged about a while ago, I've had a few health issues this year. While I hoped and prayed they'd go away it doesn't seem to be going my way. It would appear my body wants to challenge me a little bit. So I have to raise to the challenge and get things sorted to ensure my dreams of happy baby-infested simple life can happen. 

I'm booked in for investigative surgery on 17 June. At this stage all signs are pointing towards endometriosis

I'm drawing inspiration from this one person's story, who I blogged about here, before I had any idea that I would one day may be heading down this road too. Unlike this blogger, whose story is quite simply amazing, my troubles have come on suddenly. Who knows what has been brewing inside me over the past 10 years - if anything at all. Best I find out, treat, and hopefully - move on.

So it looks like I'll have a bit of spare time while cooped up at home recovering in June - a good chance to get serious about Foxy and get stuck into blogging! I treat Foxy as a bit of a diary of sorts, so I hope no one reading minds me taking this personal approach. Writing is good for the soul, so they say.

Who knows what we'll find - but I'm in good safe hands with an absolute expert specialist who is as determined as me to get to the bottom of this whole saga and make things right again.

Here's hoping the fairytale ending remains.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

boots not made for walking.

Ankle boots. I want some. But I can't decide what style I like or what would suit my wardrobe the best.

Walking past Joanne Mercer the other day I was surprised to see quite a few hot boots in their window display - I've never shopped there before. But I'm thinking I might have to stop by soon!

These so don't go with much in my wardrobe but I love them! Perhaps it's the farm girl coming out in me, but I think they could be so funked up!

These guys come in tan too!

Love the wrap around the back!

What do you love about this season's winter boots?! Have you seen any to-die-for boots that I should keep my eye out for?