Saturday, May 22, 2010

beauty bliss

There are a few blogs I obsess over and click through to every morning. One of them is Ada and Darcy. The uber stylish Kellie makes me gush with glee every time I check out her latest entries and see what joy she has rustled up to share.

This morning was no exception.

This image encapsulates my idea of beauty: the girl, soft pink pout of lippy, her ever so slight curls, the headpiece, the flower belt - ohhh stunning!

Thanks Kellie!

Quiet day for me today, LB made me a lovely breakfast and we spent the morning pottering around the stores. I fell in love with a pair of boots, but with three months to go I kept reminding myself: EUROPE EUROPE EUROPE. And left the pretty boots for some other lucky girl.

Image: Mike Larson via ada&darcy

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Questions of the heart

No thoughts today, just questions of the heart....

Images via weheartit

Sunday, May 16, 2010

books bound by lovely ladders

Growing up, my favourite Disney movie was Beauty and the Beast. Without doubt, I dreamt of the day that I'd grow up and become a beautiful lady like Belle and meet my charming Beast ;)

That yellow dress has been forever imprinted in my mind - but even more so has been the Beast's Library - an amazing space with walls lined of books and a ladder to reach to the highest of heights. Ahh, library bliss!

Now, I dream of the day I own my home, in this dream there is most definitely a library to read and relax at the end of each day (and a few yellow dresses hanging in the wardrobe!!)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Another perfect morning...

This morning has been ace! I rocked on out of bed nice and early (for me anyway!) and farewelled LB who is off for a boys' golf weekend. Which means a weekend of pampering and relaxing for me!

First off, I checked into my first WW meeting at 9! The ladies were really lovely, and I was surprised to see I'm only 3.6kg away from my goal weight! Yahoo!! That's nothing and I'm determined to be there by Europe!

Then off to the hairdresser I went! As mentioned yesterday, I haven't been to my hair salon for a little over 6 months. Disgraceful - but i've been trying very hard to grow out my locks so I haven't wanted to chop them off! Now, I have dead straight fine hair, and every time I visit my hair dresser, John at the wonderful Rokk Ebony in South Yarra, he knows I won't be satisfied unless I leave with BODY! So today, he stuck to my wishes and trimmed just the tiniest amount - then curled it all up!! When I left the salon it was about twice as big - but after a morning walking along Chapel St shopping and doing my groceries at the market it has flattened a little...the end result:

(A tad more girlie than my boyish 'bloggers without makeup day' post!!!

Off to make some pumpkin soup, enjoy your weekend!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Bloggers sans face paint!

I first saw this over at Little Miss Emma's beautiful blog this morning, and after seeing a lot of girls follow suit I thought I too would join Jodie in the Bloggers without makeup Day!

Here I am, tonight, vegging in front of the TV in my cosy bonds jumper. Nothing flash, just ME!

At my last job, I wore makeup and heels every day - religiously. When I began my current job, I was pretty pleased to see hardly any of the girls wore either! So now I've gone from one of the most dressy at work to the least! I'm sure some of my friends would be shocked at the complete change - I used to be SO over the top with my hair/makeup! Now - I haven't cut my hair since October (but am going for a trim tomorrow!) and my make up routine of the morning consists of slapping on a bit of moisturiser as I run out the door (with wet hair - shock horror!)

Don't get me wrong - I love dressing up and still do so when we're going out for dinner or the like. But my day to day life has changed a lot. Perhaps coinciding with this was meeting LB. Funny how in the past I wouldn't be seen dead around a boy without a fresh coat of paint! With LB I know he loves me just the way I am (shucks!)

Friday fantasty

I'll be spending my weekend relaxing at home, getting on top of the mountains of washing piling up in our bathroom and stockpiling our freezer with soup to see me through this wintry spell.

In between, dreaming of how my home could be....

I've always been a fan of red. But never a fan of blue nor any of its shades. However I've recently discovered the mix of red and turquoise/aqua - love it! If we ever move to a home with more than one bedroom this is one combo I could definitely use in a guest room!

Happy weekend! xx

Images via House of Turquise and We♥it

Thursday, May 13, 2010

fat fighting!

Like my fat fighting friend Adalita over at Fatty Finn to Skinny Minnie I've decided to join Diminishing Lucy in her fat to fight blog hop!

My desire to shed the outer layers of my booty took a bit of a hammering last week. Being my b'day week I well and truly let myself go. Waking up to the fact that I'd stacked on a full kilo in a week made me realise how quickly those scales can rise!

SO back into action this week! I've had a fairly good week (well, since Monday), need to crank up the exercise as always! I wish I could learn to love exercise. Any thoughts out there on how I can do this? People talk about getting to stage where they feel gross/dirty if they don't exercise. I wish I did! My lazy butt wouldn't give two hoots if it didn't make it out for a walk every now and then!

Weigh-in today proved that sticking to the WW plan (and, importantly, saying no to the booze!) really does work. A whole 1.1kg gone.

I love to see those scales head south!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

birthday treats

Wasn't I spoilt for my b'day? I have the most amazing family and friends - and the best partner ever! The most exciting treat was a beautiful Tiffany necklace from LB. He knows me well! We've been together 18 months as of yesterday and I truly couldn't have asked for a better best friend and partner :) One of my besties gave me a beautiful red leather clutch with plenty of frills and my aunt gave me the most treasured gift of all: a gorgeous gold bow brooch with little diamonds in the middle - it was passed down to her from my grandmother. She doesn't have daughters so I was very touched that she passed this on to me.

Those pretty tulips have opened into the most beautiful bunch of flowers - I do have a great boss! And lots of french inspired gifts - only 3.5 months to go!!!

How lucky am I to have such beautiful people in my life!!

Pretty palettes made for my palate!

Oh goodie goodie gumdrops! Aren't these just divine?!

While floating around the blog world today I stumbled upon some absolutely lovely colour palettes put together by the ever inspiring Darci at With This Ring. Now, I am by no means planning a wedding - but boy would I like a big house to host lots of fancy colour schemed parties! Even just a house full stop - to paint and decorate in my very own colour selections!

Soon, my friend..........soooooon!

Isn't this pic above just s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g?!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thai-tastic celebrations

While Friday is my actual birthday, I'm spending Thursday evening celebrating with my closest of friends. I've decided to take everyone to our favourite Thai restaurant - Toorak Thai! It's the most authentic little thai restaurant, the waitresses are absolutely beautiful and the chef's make the best Massaman curry in the world (shhh, we won't count points on birthdays!)

I cannot wait to spend my 25th birthday with my favourite people!