Thursday, May 13, 2010

fat fighting!

Like my fat fighting friend Adalita over at Fatty Finn to Skinny Minnie I've decided to join Diminishing Lucy in her fat to fight blog hop!

My desire to shed the outer layers of my booty took a bit of a hammering last week. Being my b'day week I well and truly let myself go. Waking up to the fact that I'd stacked on a full kilo in a week made me realise how quickly those scales can rise!

SO back into action this week! I've had a fairly good week (well, since Monday), need to crank up the exercise as always! I wish I could learn to love exercise. Any thoughts out there on how I can do this? People talk about getting to stage where they feel gross/dirty if they don't exercise. I wish I did! My lazy butt wouldn't give two hoots if it didn't make it out for a walk every now and then!

Weigh-in today proved that sticking to the WW plan (and, importantly, saying no to the booze!) really does work. A whole 1.1kg gone.

I love to see those scales head south!!


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