Thursday, April 28, 2011

Princess dreaming...

Like most Commonwealth girls, I grew up believing I would marry Prince William.

From a young age I told my Mum and my Nanna that Willy was my man. I'd play dress-ups with Mum's old heels and strings of Nanna's fake pearls, practising my Royal Wave.

I bet you Catherine Middleton played those same games of dress-ups. Only difference is that her childhood dream came true. Oh Katie, you're one lucky lady!

And while I'll be watching the Royal Affair on the big screen at home, in my comfy PJs, eating take-out and critiquing her every move, I'm sure Miss Middleton will have her Wave down pat.

Meanwhile, the dream of being a fairytale princess bride still rages inside me. (I blame the Little Golden Books and Disney for that.) If I were frocking up to meet Willy at the end of the Abby Aisle here is the dress I'd have stolen from Mummy's wardrobe:

There will be lots of lace and classic elegance...

...Autumn leaves will be falling... and pearls will have their way...

And because I still can't decide whether I'm gold or silver (my skin suits gold, my mind prefers silver) - I'd have one of each!!

A girl can only dream, right?!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

makeup bags. A dying breed.

I love my makeup collection. Lots of pretty tubs and tubes to keep me entertained for hours. I have a lovely nice big black case to store them in, it's all fine and dandy.

However. My 'everyday makeup' needs a new home. Rather than lugging around the big black case I am ashamed to admit that I cram my beautiful MAC babies into a hideous Malaysian Air makeup bag similar to the one below. It was a freebie that LB scored when he flirted his way into 1st class when taking off to join me in Europe (yes, I was insanely jealous of his upgraded, and angry when he couldn't replicate his skills on the way home - having me by his side surely didn't help our chances :P).

Ewww. Anyway, back to the story.

I'm quite embarrassed when I have to open my handbag to get something and that grubby white makeup case pokes it's ugly face out! But the dilemma? NOWHERE stocks cute and fun makeup bags anymore!!

The ones at the chemist are all ugly, priceline have let me down, myer/djs sent me back to the drawing board. I look and look and cannot find! The below babies are what I'm after - fun fabrics and a decent size -  but I can't find a website to ship them into Australia at a decent cost for me (sorry Nordstrom - $70 postage for a $30 case won't cut it).

SO - suggestions?? Where is your makeup bag from? Have you seen and cute ones out and about?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

do you scoop?

Scoopon, Cudo, Spreets.

Three words I anxiously wait to pop up in my inbox each day.

Daily deals. Are you a fan?

I never 'did' vouchers. Until I met LB. He loves his Entertainment Book, and we can often be found eating out at new restaurants that we'd never think of to try had we not a 25% discount for.

Then along came the daily deals. I was late to the party. And boy have I splurged since! So far we've enjoyed three course meals at extravagant steak houses, pizza&pasta feasts, indian banquets and beauty treatments - all at a fraction of the normal price! Not to mention countless of glasses of free wine and sides of bruschcetta. I even scored a $40 Spreets voucher just for filling out a survey for them! Sweet!

So have you checked out your daily deal?

Today's is a rippa on Scoopon!

$49 for $420 worth of beauty treatments - ooh laa laa! I think I may have found my month early birthday present to myself :P

Are there any other voucher sites that I should know about? What bargains can you never resist?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Take me for a ride on a big jet plane!

And so the busy-ness continues.

Tomorrow we're off - to New Zealand! My beautiful friend Tamara and her partner Xavier are set to say their I dos! MC Hammer here has her lines written, yet I'm feeling very under prepared. It has been another crazy week and I haven't had a chance to really sit down and practice. Or pack for that matter. Or look for my passport. Here's hoping I can pull a rabbit...

Meanwhile - I'm totally excited about checking out Queenstown over the next few days! Any must sees??

Can you think of a more sensational backdrop for a wedding? I'll be sure to take plenty of happy snaps :)

Have a fantastic end to your week!

image via here

Friday, April 1, 2011

flowers flowers everywhere!

As I mentioned in my last post, I was lucky enough this week to be asked by my company to head along to the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show - Growers Avenue Cocktail Party - and take some photos of the awesome work our members were involved in.

The Growers Avenue is an initiative by Flowers Victoria, the peak industry group for Victorian flower growers. The Avenue offers Victorian growers an opportunity to showcase their flowers to the public - and what a bloomin' marvellous display there was!

Unlike last year, this year the growers worked with florists to arrange their flowers in the big produce bins, with lots of creative designs on show.

Victoria's cut-flower growers do a magnificent job, don't you agree? I might just have to go out and buy myself a bunch this weekend!

look at those cute little guys hiding away in there! loved this display!

beautiful roses!

I've always had a soft spot for iris', love how they're tucked away in there!

I'm kicking myself for not writing down the creators of these marvellous designs, how fantastic are they?! There was a whole row of them, these two were my faves!

If you're in Melbourne and looking for something to do this weekend - don't hesitate - rush off to the Flower Show before it's finished for another year!

busy in the bush...

I know, another week with no new posts...

I've been busy. Not saving the world busy, but busy.

This week I traded my heels for boots and headed to the Wimmera for an annual grains industry conference that the organisation I work for hosts. The Wimmera is a big, flat, dry place - perfect for getting lost in (which I managed to, successfully, twice).

After my few days in the bush I headed back to Melbourne in time for the opening cocktail party of the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show - which my work is also 50% owner of. This is one gig I really don't mind - each year I'm asked to head along and take photos. I'm no pro, but I'll be sure to share a few more soon - so many beautiful displays!

For now, there's a million things I need to get done before my weekend begins. Very excited for tomorrow - Aunty Beth is babysitting little baby Jessica while her Mama and Papa Bears are off at a wedding! Oh I can't wait!