Thursday, April 28, 2011

Princess dreaming...

Like most Commonwealth girls, I grew up believing I would marry Prince William.

From a young age I told my Mum and my Nanna that Willy was my man. I'd play dress-ups with Mum's old heels and strings of Nanna's fake pearls, practising my Royal Wave.

I bet you Catherine Middleton played those same games of dress-ups. Only difference is that her childhood dream came true. Oh Katie, you're one lucky lady!

And while I'll be watching the Royal Affair on the big screen at home, in my comfy PJs, eating take-out and critiquing her every move, I'm sure Miss Middleton will have her Wave down pat.

Meanwhile, the dream of being a fairytale princess bride still rages inside me. (I blame the Little Golden Books and Disney for that.) If I were frocking up to meet Willy at the end of the Abby Aisle here is the dress I'd have stolen from Mummy's wardrobe:

There will be lots of lace and classic elegance...

...Autumn leaves will be falling... and pearls will have their way...

And because I still can't decide whether I'm gold or silver (my skin suits gold, my mind prefers silver) - I'd have one of each!!

A girl can only dream, right?!


Anonymous said...

Dream away... He will dump her soon enough, then come and whisk you away!!
Love that dress too... simply stunning :)

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