Monday, November 22, 2010

wedding getup!

Blogging? What's that again? Yes, lately I have been rather neglectful of foxy...

But with one of my high school besties getting married on the weekend I thought what better way to get back into the swing of things than by sharing the cute little outfit I have planned.

When I was overseas I was really conscious about not spending too much money in the first few weeks for fear of running out before it was time to come home. Then by the time we were spending our last few days in London I found I had plenty of money left over - but couldn't find anything that I liked to buy!

That was until I stumbled upon this pretty pale pink dress from Oasis - on sale for 100 pounds - and thought it would make for a pretty addition to my wardrobe back home!

Unfortunately Oasis doesn't ship to Australia - yet - although for any interested lassies, ASOS stocks a lot of their products and ships them straight to your doorstep!

With the dress sorted, I made my way to the shops over the weekend to find a suitable 'wow-factor' shoe to accompany the somewhat simple, but elegant, dress. Check out these Siren babies!
I will no doubt break an ankle or be nursing blister wounds for weeks to come, but the beading is sooo pretty and detailed that I just had to have them!

A few new toys from MAC (the best makeup brand - ever - ) and I think I'm ready for my friend's big day!


Love a good wedding!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Something so beautiful, something so fragile,
How could I have pushed it so close to the edge?

To be so confused, but now so sure. Only perhaps too late.

Hopeful. L'amour triomphe de tout.