Friday, June 3, 2011

when Layton entered my life

Who can resist the marketing pull of mid-season sales? Not I!

I've been handbag browsing for a while, determined to find a nice tan leather handbag, preferably with gold features. Today I walked in to David Jones, and left a little bit poorer. But at 40% off - who could resist.

Michael Kors - Layton. Welcome to my life.

(excuse the image, he's sitting on my desk at work showing off to the world!)

I actually lusted over the wallet version of this bag when I was in the UK - isn't it pretty:

Unfortunately the backpackers bank account said no at the time...but I'm loving the bag instead!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

the gift that keeps giving

One of my b'day presents from LB this year was a 12 month subscription to Marie Claire. I thought this to be an awesome gift - as when the first edition arrived in the mail yesterday it felt like my b'day all over again!

Thanks babe!

Looking forward to snuggling up in my PJs and reading tonight - although my version didn't have all of text on the front cover - simply the pic of Gale and the MC header. Not sure whether that's because I'm a subscriber and get an early edition? that frock tho!