Wednesday, April 20, 2011

makeup bags. A dying breed.

I love my makeup collection. Lots of pretty tubs and tubes to keep me entertained for hours. I have a lovely nice big black case to store them in, it's all fine and dandy.

However. My 'everyday makeup' needs a new home. Rather than lugging around the big black case I am ashamed to admit that I cram my beautiful MAC babies into a hideous Malaysian Air makeup bag similar to the one below. It was a freebie that LB scored when he flirted his way into 1st class when taking off to join me in Europe (yes, I was insanely jealous of his upgraded, and angry when he couldn't replicate his skills on the way home - having me by his side surely didn't help our chances :P).

Ewww. Anyway, back to the story.

I'm quite embarrassed when I have to open my handbag to get something and that grubby white makeup case pokes it's ugly face out! But the dilemma? NOWHERE stocks cute and fun makeup bags anymore!!

The ones at the chemist are all ugly, priceline have let me down, myer/djs sent me back to the drawing board. I look and look and cannot find! The below babies are what I'm after - fun fabrics and a decent size -  but I can't find a website to ship them into Australia at a decent cost for me (sorry Nordstrom - $70 postage for a $30 case won't cut it).

SO - suggestions?? Where is your makeup bag from? Have you seen and cute ones out and about?


Ali said...

hmmm... i have a dodgy one that's old too... (its from priceline)

how about this cute cath kidson one from lark $25.95 plus $9.95 shippping?

Beth said...

Ali! you're getting warm here! love it! (and given me a whole new website to gush over!) thanks!

Bec Hem said...

Have you tried Sussan (they recently had a big range of the Apple & Bee makeup cases). Also, Country Road sometimes has some nice ones?

Beth said...

Oh Bec! I just googled apple&bee! How CUTE! This could be just what I'm after! I didn't see them in Sussan when I was in there the other day, will have to keep my eye out (or maybe just buy online!) Thanks!!!

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