Thursday, April 8, 2010

...frolicking in the flowers!

This year I was lucky enough to score the part of playing photographer for Flowers Victoria at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. Now, don't be fooled - I know nothing about photography! But with very limited resources my company prefers to use its Public Affairs team instead of hiring a professional. So as well as doing the PR for the Show, I went along to the cocktail function and took lots of pretty pictures of all the pretty flowers!

Like the one I've used in my new header!

And here are some more of my favourites:

All of those crates were filled to the brim with gorgeous cut flowers! There were row after row of crates throughout the Growers Avenue!

Roses are by far my favourite!

Amazing tulips!

Victorian cut flower growers produce some of the finest flowers in the world! So heads up - next time you're down at the local market, be sure to watch out for the locally produced goods and back a Victorian farmer! :)


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