Friday, April 30, 2010

birthday giveaways!

Wow, I'm on fire today - couldn't help but post once more today! For I have finally found a reason to LOVE the fact that I am turning 25!!

Well, when I first met Lover Boy I was a little surprised to see his love for vouchers and signing up for deals with random companies. Don't get me wrong, I'm not shy of a voucher if it means a discount at the other end - but to see it in a boy was quite funny! Anyway, along the way we've eaten at some amazing restaurants with his voucher collection so I'm not complaining.

Since then, whenever I'm in a shop that I LOVE and they have a mailing list I sign up. In the past I would never have done this. To my surprise I'm finding out this week that it's really paying off! For in my inbox I've come across a whole heap of "Happy Birthday - here's 30% off!" emails! Today's was the best - hellllllo 30% off tony bianco!!

So I thought I'd share my top three picks - I'm totally all over the pinkish patent leather heels (I can just see them coupled with a pair of gray tights and a pastel coloured outfit - yum!). But a little boot might be cute - and the little white ones with trims are just divine!

Help me pick!


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