Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Traded in my car...for a coat!

We had the best ANZAC weekend - filled with lots of socialising, hanging out on the couch, cooking and, well, selling my car!

I bought my first car when I was 18 - a red 1992 ford laser. These days, living in St Kilda, there's no need for a car. I was finding I only used it for quick trips to the shops which could easily be avoided - and the rego was due and at $650 I thought it wasn't worth renewing!

That being said - I was kind of depressed when what was once my pride and joy was now only worth a measly $250 at the wreckers!

So...what did I do with the coin? I went shopping of course! For the last four years I've pulled my trusty david lawrence trench coat out of the wardrobe each winter - only this year it was looking so worn and tattered - and a size too big! So when I saw the new trench coat in store at $50 off, I couldn't resist - I traded my car for a coat!!

Be sure to check out this season's goodies @ David Lawrence!


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