Wednesday, April 7, 2010

...the latest 6 week challenge: Mayday Mayday!

As I've mentioned, I belong to a group of fat fighting, inspirational women who take part in 6 week challenges to motivate one another towards reaching our fitness goals.

Our last challenge was the 'Hot X Buns' challenge - out to get hot and sexy buns by easter! With Easter having passed, the group begins its next challenge tomorrow: the Mayday Mayday! challenge - counting down till mid May. This works perfectly for me, as I also have my 25th birthday falling on 7 May which I'd love to be well on my way to goal for.

I'm really looking forward to this challenge! I've bought a pump set from Rebel Sport and my darling LB has downloaded some Les Mills Pump DVDs. I've also started walking home from work again. This whole year I have found it difficult to stick to the plan that I was acing up until Christmas. Hopefully now that Easter is out of the way and my impending 25th rapidly approaches I will reaquaint myself with my friend Motivation!


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