Wednesday, March 24, 2010

....hanging on tight to the Alannah bandwagon!

So with a 20% voucher in hand, I wandered into my 'happy place' at lunch today - and managed to ONLY come out with a super cute little cardi and a little cream belt! There was an adorable little pink tu tu style skirt in there - which would have made for a PERFECT outfit for tonight's date to the Ballet - but I resisted the urge. Pink and Tule..oh me oh my!

Anyway - one of the wonderful ladies from the little WW group I check in with each day requested a few happy snaps from the black tie wedding where I wore 'the' red dress, here we go Trace:

And another from my brother's wedding last weekend (with my family) - I pulled it out of the wardrobe again for this ultra special occassion:

I promise - next post will be non-Alannah Hill related - it's getting quite obsessive!!



Adalita said...

Awesome - I am glad you posted it! BTW you looked awesome definitely one hot X bun! Don't worry I'm like that too with a number of things.

Beth said...

Thanks Adalita :) If only I could catch your exercise bug then they really would be buns of steel!! :)

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