Saturday, May 15, 2010

Another perfect morning...

This morning has been ace! I rocked on out of bed nice and early (for me anyway!) and farewelled LB who is off for a boys' golf weekend. Which means a weekend of pampering and relaxing for me!

First off, I checked into my first WW meeting at 9! The ladies were really lovely, and I was surprised to see I'm only 3.6kg away from my goal weight! Yahoo!! That's nothing and I'm determined to be there by Europe!

Then off to the hairdresser I went! As mentioned yesterday, I haven't been to my hair salon for a little over 6 months. Disgraceful - but i've been trying very hard to grow out my locks so I haven't wanted to chop them off! Now, I have dead straight fine hair, and every time I visit my hair dresser, John at the wonderful Rokk Ebony in South Yarra, he knows I won't be satisfied unless I leave with BODY! So today, he stuck to my wishes and trimmed just the tiniest amount - then curled it all up!! When I left the salon it was about twice as big - but after a morning walking along Chapel St shopping and doing my groceries at the market it has flattened a little...the end result:

(A tad more girlie than my boyish 'bloggers without makeup day' post!!!

Off to make some pumpkin soup, enjoy your weekend!


Andrea said...

Almost as beautiful as your Blogger Without Make-Up pic ;-)

Congrats on your weight loss, must feel great having your goal so close!

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