Friday, May 14, 2010

Bloggers sans face paint!

I first saw this over at Little Miss Emma's beautiful blog this morning, and after seeing a lot of girls follow suit I thought I too would join Jodie in the Bloggers without makeup Day!

Here I am, tonight, vegging in front of the TV in my cosy bonds jumper. Nothing flash, just ME!

At my last job, I wore makeup and heels every day - religiously. When I began my current job, I was pretty pleased to see hardly any of the girls wore either! So now I've gone from one of the most dressy at work to the least! I'm sure some of my friends would be shocked at the complete change - I used to be SO over the top with my hair/makeup! Now - I haven't cut my hair since October (but am going for a trim tomorrow!) and my make up routine of the morning consists of slapping on a bit of moisturiser as I run out the door (with wet hair - shock horror!)

Don't get me wrong - I love dressing up and still do so when we're going out for dinner or the like. But my day to day life has changed a lot. Perhaps coinciding with this was meeting LB. Funny how in the past I wouldn't be seen dead around a boy without a fresh coat of paint! With LB I know he loves me just the way I am (shucks!)


Anonymous said...

Hey I love your el naturale shot! How great is this venture!

Nomie said...

You look great!

Beth said...

Thanks girls, but isn't it funny - now after posting I'm already looking at the pic and being extremely critical! "I look like a boy", "my face is so blotchy", there's a million thoughts running through my mind.

Loving one's self is a pretty tough gig. Wouldn't it be great if we could go back to before the media distorted our perceptions of the 'real woman' and live in merry confident bliss!! I'm sure it's possible...surely?!

Anonymous said...

If I could look like you when I veg on the couch I'd do nothing but take photos of myself. You look glowingly lovely. And sounds like we have similar make-up routines.

Cerry said...

You look great. I'm another put on moisturiser as I run out the door with wet hair girl - it saves SOOO much time and effort.

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

Gotta love a Bonds jumper.

You look gorgeous. Thanks for taking part!


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