Thursday, May 26, 2011

luscious lips!

As part of the Seriously Smooth Skin challenge that I have set myself, I'm paying particular attention to rediscovering my once-luscious lips. The have been far from luscious in recent times, more like dry and cracked :( Not even Katy Perry's cherry chapstick would do the trick!

But now..behold! It's Clinique's Superbalm to the rescue!
Yep, this little baby tube of goodness came in the post yesterday, and after treating my lips to a dose before bed last night I've already noticed an improvement today. So much so that I've cracked out my favourite pink lippy to show off the pout! this shade of MAC lippy!


How do you keep your lips looking luscious all year round?


Adalita said...

I use a variety of lipglosses I have over 40 of them. I also exfoliate my lips when I shower.

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