Thursday, March 10, 2011

taking it all for granted.


I haven't been around. I haven't had the desire to blog.

I took it all for granted. I stress and worry about all those around me, what they're doing, what they're putting in their bodies, how they're treating themselves, how they're treating others. I never turn the mirror on myself.

The one thing I should never take for granted and I did. My health.

It's a waiting game now. I try telling myself to stay positive, that it will be something minor, that it will all be over with in a week or two. Then that ugly face of worry rears its head. What if it's not ok? What if it can't be fixed? What if I can't be fixed? Too many what ifs, not enough answers. For that I have to wait. Patiently. Never my strong point.

It's been a crap week. But it has shown another side to those I feel closest to. Having support is one thing. Reaching a whole new depth of support is another. Seeing someone there next to me, who I thought I knew inside and out, seeing their love and support go one step deeper. I'm so blessed.

It could be nothing. There is every reason for me not to fear.

I need to fill that glass, instead of watch it empty.

It will be ok.

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Bec Hem said...

Hope, my friend!
As a medico, ibalways tell my patients "don't count your chickens before they hatch...". . Be strong. Rest and be calm. You will get through this!

Bec Hem said...

Gah! Bad typing, I'm sorry!!

Adalita said...

Hugs honey, remember we are always here. No matter how trivial you think your problem may be we are here with open arms and ears to listen. I was feeling really down at the beginning of this week but I know you are all there to support each other. We are in this journey together don't forget!

Love Adalita (your ww buddy)

Beth said...

Thanks for your sweet comments girls. I'm trying hard to stay positive, let the doc do his job and cross all my fingers and toes in the meantime.


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