Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This goes with that ...

Ok, I'm not a Mum (yet. cluck, cluck, cluck!). And I'm not even close to middle aged. Heck, some would say I still have a spring in my chicken step! But I have a confession - I shop at Sussan.

Have you seen their latest season's fashion? When the catalogue arrived in my letter box a few weeks ago I actually undid the plastic wrapping and read it cover to cover. Sexy YOUNG ladies scooting around Rome (gush!) on vespas, sipping lattes, and chatting up hunky hunky italianos!

Perhaps I'm still recovering from my post Europe holiday blues, but it had me hooked!

I'm not saying you can walk in there and find your little black dress for this weekend's hot cocktail event - but when it comes to basics, Sussan has some rocking stuff! I've already bought two long tops that cover the bad bits but show off the good - and I must say for a girl with *cough* a bit of a stomach - Sussan's jeans are a great fit! Don't believe me? Look!

And my picks for the season?

And the best bit? I walk out of the shop in a size 10 pair of jeans and size 'small' tops - gotta love the 'mature' sizing range!


krystal said...

ooh! thanx for this! will def check out next time I am in sydney.
hope you are doing ok - look forward to hearing the "all good" update soon xxox

Bec Hem said...

So true! I'm glad I'm not the only one ;)
And their pjs are fantastic!!

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