Monday, February 28, 2011

fab frocks at the Oscars!

My pics from today's red carpet?

Loving lilac these days - and Mila pulls it off perfectly!

Cate always gets it right. LOVE the colour and beaded detail...

Hello Halle! Is that bod for real?! Great amount of tulle going on here...

Lots of red on the carpet today - Sandra's got my tick today!

For a 14 year old, Hailee (from True Grit awesomeness!) looks as cute as a button. I read an interview with Hailee the other day - what a down to earth girl she is! Love how in all her red carpet appearances she's dressed like a 14 year old should (so many child actors {and parents!} could take note here!)


Miss Ruby said...

i'm sorry but cate looks like she's wearing a doily! i must be the only person who a] doesn't like her and b] thinks she has awful fashion sense.

and yes i can say that because you can't see inside my wardrobe from where you are so ner :-P

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