Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Well well well, look what we have here!

During my five month affair with fellow fat shrinking machines (AKA weight watchers), I have read many inspiring and motivational blogs which have really helped propel my own desire to fight the fat. Every day I log into my weight watchers account and spill my beans on the message boards – and boy does it feel good!

So much so, that today I decided to take it one step further and begin my own foray into total online accountability...BLOGGING.

Far from simply a blog about tracking my weight loss success (or lack thereof from time to time!), Foxy falls for... will be my shameless self-soothing platform for rambling on about all the weird and wonderful things in my life.

2010 is shaping up to be another sensational year – with exciting travel plans on the horizon. What better way to explore the world and report on my findings than to blog all the things I fall in love with along the way. Chocolate croissants in la ville d’ this space...

What will foxy fall for tomorrow?!


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