Monday, February 22, 2010

Dirty dumplings and kkk-racking karaoke!

Do you see those little white balls of chinese goodness? Do ya?!

That my friend, was the beginning of a night so far from 'the plan' it really was quite disgraceful.

At $8.90 for a plate of 15, with BYO wine and 10 good friends, things got a littttle out of hand. I set these babies at about 2 points per bundle of joy, multiply that by about 15 and you have yourself a fat-slapping, artery-clogging shindig!! I seriously think a good 15 (if not more) of these little balls went down my lower intestine, swimming magnificently in a stream of cider and champagne.

Spending a Friday night down Melbourne's Chinatown is an all-out hoot! The girls and I frocked up and met LB and his workmates at Shanghai Village, our dumpling hut of choice. With hot pink lacquered walls, 1970 style cafeteria seating and toilets that would have made my grandmother tisk tisk, Shanghai Village is an OCD sufferer's nightmare, yet a dumpling lover's DREAM.

After OD'ing on chicken&prawn balls of goodness, we made our way down to the home of my and LB's second love: Charlton's Karaoke Bar.

Now, those who know me from way back know how excruciatingly annoying my popstar-wannabe ways are. When me and my sister were younger I used to force her to learn the back-up vocals (and only the back-up vocals - no one takes the limelight from this Diva! :P) to some of the worst pop songs of the early 90's. Many a concert would we perform for my ear-plugged parents. A memorable performance of Sister2Sister "my sister" springs to mind here...(sorry Mum, that must have been pure torture to watch!)

Anyway - back to the story at hand - lucky for me, when I first met LB and on the night I introduced him to my girlfriends we ended the night at Charltons, where to my surprise he sprang to the stage and belted out a few classics. I was so impressed - I think it was love from that day forward. A boy who loves to sing and isn’t shy of Karaoke. Ahhh!! What more could a girl need!! ♥♥♥ Needless to say we've now had a few fun night's at Charltons - and this weekend passing was no exception!

So, with a few drinks under our belts (and far too many dumplings), the girls and I hit the stage for a smashing rendition of the nasty nineties Peter Andre classic Mysterious Girl! While LB is always quick to the stage for a solo, I'm yet to get him up there for a pathetically cheesy duet - trust me, there's always next time!!

After eating our way through dumpling heaven, dancing off a few of those Chinese balls of goodness made for a fitting end to the night. The only unwelcome aspect of the entire evening was the mini-hangover which greeted me in the morning (which found its cure with a bowl (or two) of icecream...woe is me!).

Ahh well, time to roll back out 'the plan' this week - 19 points and counting...


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