Wednesday, February 17, 2010

...Melbourne's Queen Vic Night Markets

This evening after work lover boy (LB) and I decided to trek downtown to soak up the sun at the summer night markets. After successfully scheming my way to another free tram ride (I have my method down pat), LB and I used our noses to follow the mouth watering aromas to the plentiful food stands. Everything your fat-burning heart would die for :P

Every nationality of food lined the aisles - crepes, curries, corn-on-the-cob - you name it, they catered it. I dreamt of the days when chowing down on a plate full of coconut milk laden curry was never met with a blinking eye. Those days when cute little mini Dutch pancakes, smothered in icecream, were enjoyed over Sunday morning coffees...and kept walking...just!
The place was a buzz, the afterwork crew, young families, and tourists strangely gulping their beers back. If you're in Melbourne I totally recommend a night here - the atmosphere is great and the food is sensational! Plenty of knick knacks to browse and strange people to watch.

After perusing the goods, and with my mouth drooling ever so unattractively, I finally settled for the Mexican stand (shock horror to my fellow fat fighters) a chicken burrito - without cheese or sour cream. Was soooooo good. May have blown the point budget a little, but in comparison to the three options of curries I was initially eyeing off I think I fared well.

All in all, a night well spent!


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