Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My very own Mr Oliver

It has been a tough second week back at work - ridiculously busy! Lucky LB has a whole month off work, jealous!! Last night he asked whether he could cook me dinner tonight since he would have the whole day off to prepare something. 'Fo sho!' I hollered back - my desire to cook having dwindled away with this week's busy work schedule...

I came home tonight thinking I'd be greeted with a curry of some description (LB's favourite - which I rarely cook due to their incompatibility with the WW way of life!) But low and behold he was in the kitchen rocking out a Jamie Oliver meal and dessert!

Ok, so the TV show boasts "30 minute meals" and I'm sure the skilled cook could meet Jamie's pace...but the novice cook in LB took a little longer to complete his dishes - bless his cotton socks! I was so proud of his efforts - all this for me! What a sweetheart.

So what was this tasty treat of a surprise? Piri Piri chicken, rocket salad, dressed potatoes and quick Portuguese tarts! With a yummy glass of Wolf Blass Verae (a great summer red - chilled!) and we have ourselves a romantic home date! And yep - those flowers were surprise flowers from last weekend, lots of surprises in this house of late!

{lucky we have those extra 49 pro points, WW ladies - I think I used them all up tonight!}


Adalita said...

that looks gorgeous you lucky girl. I made my boy canneloni last night. I wish hed'd cook something like that for me. He does BBQ's or breakfast.

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