Tuesday, January 18, 2011

a promise to myself


"I will take my lazy butt to the gym tonight"

I'm sorry, I know this is a lame post - but I really really really need some motivation and if I put it out there on this blog then I'm going to have to stick to it! The gym is 300m from my doorstep and I haven't been there once this month. My jelly belly is screaming out for a decent workout and as a wise friend reminded me today: "to be blunt you are the only person who can make it happen".

Today I will make it happen.


Ali said...

hey i did a similar thing on facebook a few weeks back - unfortunately it didn't work!! haha! im heading to the gym tonight too - straight after work!

Beth said...

Oh Ali - it didn't work for me either! After locking myself out of the house and having to travel all over town to retreive dan's keys and train all the way home again I was in no mood to gym!!

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