Thursday, January 13, 2011

I've got a bit of a thing...

...for Michael Kors.

I never knew this 'thing' of mine existed until I was strolling through the streets of Amsterdam (ohhh, to be back in Europe!) and stumbled upon a Michael Kors watch that I instantly fell for. Nothing fancy, just a simple, classic, everyday watch. I've never been a watch wearer - but after my little Amsterdam purchase I'm now lost without it!

It is also the watch which made me realise that I really suit gold better than silver. But that can be saved for another post altogether - gold is hot on me, but always falls second best to its silver sister in the fashion stakes!
My pretty MK watch - purchased in Amsterdam when visiting my uni friend Hanneke!

But back to Mr Kors, and now I can't stop i-spying his designs everywhere! Check out some of my objects of desire below! All the gold accents/buckles - I'm in accessory heaven! 


How ridiculously cute are these iphone holders?! I want one bad! Jen over at MadeByGirl has one in python print - jealous! But my favourite is definitely the patent black!

And just for fun - here are some happy snaps from my time in the Netherlands!

Hanneke and Me!

 Utrecht - Hannek's home town (with more bicycles than people!)


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