Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Resolving to...

I always ponder a few resolutions to carry into each New Year. In the past, they have almost always revolved around weight loss. But not this year. I don't need to resolve to lose weight, I've been slowly chipping away at that goal for the last year with my trusty WW membership. I feel confident in achieving my goal at my own pace without making a resolution to do so.

Today I came across a fun website to help get the creative resolution juices flowing. Out of the quirky (eat a whole tomato at once like I would an apple), sweet (make cookies from scratch), typical (win the lottery) and random (stay away from gas station slushies) - I thought the following best summed up my desires.

I have a terrible habit of letting my mind live in the future. I'm a 'what if' kind of girl - it goes hand in hand with my worrying. If I could only start enjoying the present, and all the fun and happiness that it involves, then maybe I will be able to help curb the worrying about what may or may not lie ahead.

Along with living in the present, I have set a few other goals for 2011.
  • Financial stability: after Europe the bank balance took a bit of a blow! During my break I checked out a few websites to help set myself a budget and get things back on track.
  • Think positively: if I had one word to sum up my outlook for 2011 it would be positivity (again, I guess it fits in well with the worrying!). Chin up love, there's a lot of good around you!
And that just about sums it up - here's to 2011, and all slushies and cookie mix that your lottery money can buy!


Ali said...

love your goals beth and i know what you mean!! im totally thinking ahead all the time!!

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