Friday, January 21, 2011

green thumb!

image curtesy of here

So the love obsession with Jame Oliver continues.

There's just something so wholesome about the guy. Seeing the way he talks about his wife and children seriously warms my heart. And his passion for food is really addictive. Watching him hack away at food and create the most amazing dishes has kept me and LB busy this week. It's become our weeknight ritual, watch an episode of Jamie while we cook/eat our (not-as-appealing-as-jamie's) dinner.

The "Jamie at home" series is on our box at the moment (and the catchy jingle stuck in my head all day!) and it's made me realise what our dishes are missing: fresh herbs.

Fast-forward to DIY weekend activities and guess what LB and I have planned for tomorrow? Making our own herb garden! We don't have a courtyard at our apartment, so instead a herb box on our balcony will make do. I'm rather excited about this: hello Bunnings! Yes, even a girl can get mighty excited about a trip to Bunnings!!

Really looking forward to creating my own dishes with fresh home grown herbs and spices!

Happy weekend y'all!


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