Monday, August 2, 2010

zoom, zoom ZOOOOM!

Four weeks and I'm out of here!!

It still seems so surreal, but in four weeks time I will be boarding a jumbo jet and making my way to Europe. We've booked most of our accommodation for the first half, but are leaving a lot of the planning until we are there and seeing where the northern hemisphere winds take us!

I feel like I've placed so much emphasis on this Europe trip. As cliché as it may be, a time to 'find myself'. To have a few weeks exploring and opening my eyes to the possibilities of life seems so alluring of late. I want this trip to teach me more about the world, but more importantly - more about myself.

For some reason I seem to think of life in two stages at the moment, BE and AE. Before and after Europe. Right now I feel quite trapped by everything. I've put all this pressure on Europe as being the place to escape, the place to discover.

I just hope I discover enough...


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