Friday, August 13, 2010

30th Wedding Anniversary surprise!

So I was pretty lucky growing up - my folks are still quite smitten with one another.

Mum and Dad married on 6 September 1980 - and 30 years on they have four happy children and appear pretty darn happy with life themselves. Not a lot phases them, they're good country people and don't bother with a lot of fuss nor fancy.

That's why for their 30th wedding anniversary my siblings and I are sending them off for a romantic weekend away in Daylesford - with all the frills!

As I will be away (oohhh, 2 weeks and I'm in Rome, baby!!) - I've had to organise everything now (and I took the lead as I don't trust my older brother's taste :P nor my younger sister's attention to detail :P :P) So this is where we'll be sending them!

Pendower House -Spring Spa Escape

I'm totally jealous! Four course breakfast and luxurious spa for two at this romantic B&B which I know Mum will love! They won't know themselves - and that makes me smile! 30 years of marriage - that's the kind of stuff worth celebrating! If I'm lucky enough to have ever-lasting love like theirs I will count my blessings every day!

For my 24th b'day LB took me away to Daylesford and I fell in love with the beauty of this little town.

I must say - I plan on making quite a few return ventures there myself! One place in particular which has caught my eye (and garnered a lot of press) is the white house.


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Melissa@Suger Coat It said...

Wow, it is beautiful. I want a holiday. Now preferably. Sigh. Thanks for sharing.

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