Thursday, August 19, 2010

Saying no to the french pastries...

That time of the week again - Diminishing Lucy's Fat to Fit blog hop! Oh, I wish I had stories of greatness to report! But after a weekend of over indulgence with my parents in town things aren't looking the best.

And I'm about to go into damage control: EUROPE HOLIDAY!

How does a girl survive 7 weeks touring Europe - with the most amazing of food cultures - and not put weight on? I know I'll be doing heaps of walking, but how do I avoid the amazing pastries in France or churros in Spain!?!

Some advice from the handy team at Weight Watchers below!

How to keep healthy on holiday

1. Keep it simple
For starters, instead of aiming to lose weight on holiday simply focus on not gaining instead.

2. Beware the breakfast buffet
If you're staying somewhere that offers breakfast, remember you don't have to eat everything on the buffet. Go for wholegrain breads over pastries; boiled or scrambled eggs instead of cheeses and meats; and take advantage of seasonal fruits and low-fat yoghurt. As long as you make smart choices, you can still enjoy a filling, healthy breakfast.

3. Keep moving
Regular exercise can actually be easier when you're away from the constrictions of everyday life. Many resorts have an on-site gym and/or swimming pool, perfect for an early morning workout.
If it's a beach holiday, take advantage of the ocean. Go for a swim or a brisk walk along the sand - both are great ways to get your heart-rate up.

4. Get around on foot
Rather than taking taxis or public transport, do as much walking as you can. Plot a map of the sites and attractions you want to see each day and walk to the furthest, then work your way back to the hotel. You'll experience more of the local culture and probably discover things that aren't even on the map! Remember to pack good walking shoes.

5. Eat out
Don't avoid lovely restaurants but do dine out creatively. Instead of a giant main, have two starters or a starter and a salad. Also, ask that dressings and sauces are served on the side.

6. Drink and snack wisely
Skip the false economy of a bargain-basement carafe. Order a great wine by the glass and savour it. Avoid creamy cocktails if you can.

If snacking before dinner, opt for fresh produce (in small doses) over chips and salted nuts. It's a great way to taste the local delicacies and experience new flavours.

And finally...
Don't stress if you have an ice-cream by the pool or an extra glass of wine. Just don't overdo it and try to keep track of what you've eaten throughout the day. Most important of all, have a wonderful time!

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Lucy said...

This is exciting. I am envious!

Myzdamena's World said...

Ooh have a really good time!

If you walk up the A1 in England to work off some Yorkshire puddings give me a wave as you pass Catterick lol....


Andrea said...

Wow have a great time - I'm very jealous - 7 weeks!!! My ww leader also suggested ordering diabetic meals on your flights as they are usually low carb high protein and much nicer than the vego meals xx

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