Monday, August 9, 2010

Telephone table inspiration

So after this weekend's find at the Camberwell Markets, I've been toying around with the idea of painting the telephone table white, using a velvet fabric for the seat (and maybe extending it to make the seat fill more of the empty space next to it and between the table), and a colour matching print for the tabletop (using wallpaper). With pink and red being my two favourite colours, here's two alternative inspiration boards that I have put together - using a white telephone chair that I stumbled across.

The red is totally based on my love of Viv's (from awesome blog Ish and Chi) amazing makeover of this stunning two seater.

This is just my first round of ideas. The other thought is to paint it white and just use one patterned fabric for the seat, and paint the tabletop plain white. The apartment we currently live in has mint green walls - so a few of these would suit it much better than red which would look terrible together. Although if we move at the end of the year I don't want to have restricted myself on the colour just because of the mint green walls - and knowing me I may not even be finished it by the time we move!

I'm in love with these Amy butler fabrics - so maybe just the seat recovered in one of these (and painted white):

I also haven't ruled out painting it black - but I do much prefer white furniture! Just not sure how the frame would come up in white...

As you can tell I'm totally throwing around too many ideas and realistically may not be able to achieve any of them. Would love some further help from the blogging world!


Bec Hem said...

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