Friday, August 6, 2010

Treasure troving!

After seeing the latest before and after shots on Design*Sponge this week I'm really feeling the need to get all DIY this weekend!

Isn't this coffee table - com - bench perfect? DROOL!

First stop - a trip to Camberwell Markets on Sunday! I have a bad habit of getting to these markets too late in the morning, being overwhelmed by the crowds, walking around aimlessly and in the end give up and say "I cannot be bothered, let's go have brunch".

This week I'm going to power through those markets like the bargain hunter my mother trained me to be!

I might swing by a few opp shops tomorrow as well, who knows what treasures I'll find!

Have a great weekend!


Ali said...

good luck op shopping and bargain hunting! next time u plan to go, let me know, i'd love to come along with you! itd be great 2 catch up! x

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