Sunday, August 8, 2010

Market finds: telephone table!

So LB and I slept through the initial alarm for 7.30 but made it to Camberwell Markets by a little closer to 9am. I told you I'm hopeless at making it there early!

Nevertheless, a fun morning was had! I still struggled with the crowds though.

And what did I find? This funky 1960s telephone table! (excuse the photo quality, not the best!)

At the moment it's sitting in our very narrow entryway. For a cheap $35 I couldn't leave it at the stall!

I recalled seeing one of these tables recovered in really funky fabric - but of course now that I search through my favourite blogs I cannot find the exact image for inspiration. But there's a few good DIY examples online - a few of which I've featured below. Only problem is that most of them are wooden tables - which would be easy to paint white.

What do you think? Should I leave the original gold frame or strip it back and paint it? And the cushion? What kind of fabric? And the table top? Should I find some funky wall paper to use on the top? obviously it would have to suit the cushion...hmmm, decisions, decisions...time to go blog hunting for more inspiration I think!!




Not beige

Thoughts and opinions definitely welcome!


Ali said...

oh great find beth!! i think it would be great painted black with bright fabric!! :) maybe something pinkish to match those new cushion covers!!?? :)

Beth said...

Thanks Ali :) I really need the help with ideas! In my mind I'm imagining it white, with red fabric - and possibly a patterned red piece of wallpaper attached to the tabletop...drawing inspiration from the ever inspiring Viv from and her awesome nursery seat:

But with the legs it has the black leather detailing - so I'm not sure how I'd go about covering that. Which makes me think maybe you're right with black - then at least the leather will tie in nice.

Oh decisions!

Ali said...

oh i love that little seat, i must say i love the white too.... oh decisions decisions indeed!!

i didn't realise those details bits were leather... I think if you left them black, painted it white, and added red it would devine. :) you can always add a black vase, or black old vintage phone on the table when you're done and the black would tie in nicely then too! xx

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