Thursday, June 10, 2010 found!

Why hello there,

Sometimes life runs a little out of control. Getting caught up in the fuss of it all, and neglecting some areas in order to cope with the demanding others. That's where I've been. I won't lie, it got dark, and certainly cold...but now - I feel I'm coming through the other side. It ain't no warmer (we'll blame that on Melbourne's wintry chill), but it sure is looking brighter.

So I'm back. First stop - trimming challenge!

When I saw this box of goodies being dished out to some very crafty ladies, it made my heart do a little flip. All that lace and ribbons...mmm!! Give me more!! So - this weekend, I'm off to the craft store to recreate Alisa's very talented project: the statement necklace. Stay tuned folks!


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