Thursday, June 10, 2010

when emotions = wasted energy intake

So a rough few weeks personally and a rough few weeks weight-wise.

It would appear that I'm a text book emotional eater. When things get tough, I turn to food for comfort. Sad? let's eat ice cream. Happy? heck, let's eat ice cream! Either way, the more my emotions run wild the more kilojoules I consume, and usually - the less exercise I do to counteract it all. I've been on a path of indulgence that needs to stop.

Thursday may be Fat2Fit day - but it's also WI day for my WW challenge (big love to the girls in my challenge - keeping me honest, always). Which is good, because boy do I need a fresh week.

I'm ready to get this circus back on track.

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Lucy said...

Oh babe, I hear you. Totally. My whole journey is so not about food in energy out. It is about emotions.

Although I have recently been listening to a CD that REALLY helps....

Diminishing Lucy: Hypnodiet

Adalita said...

Yesterday I consumed 6 squares of cadbury chocolate and 2 slices of cheese plus my food for the day and still made it under points, god knows how. But it made me realise even though I'm at goal I'm not immune to gaining FAT! I've felt un-toned and really not motivated although I may seem to be but that's just my normal activity. I need to step it up t tone up and get off this un-motivation hill I'm stuck some way up. I hope you have a better week, remember you can always chat to us girls on ww at any time.

Anonymous said...

Hello from your newest follower. I completely understand emotional eating, I've been eating my feelings for as long as I can remember. Exercise isn't my problem...It's calories in!

I found you via Lucy's F2F Blog Hop! Look forward to reading your updates, hopefully you'll check out and we can keep the positive encouragement flowing! All the best to you...

Jaded Vixen! said...

Oh My God Cadbury...I spent 6 months at the University of Tasmania in college and ate my weight in Cadbury...even taking the Cadbury tour! I put on like 10 pounds while I was down under...still to this day if I see a Crunchy Bar, or know someone is going to Ireland, I can't resist!


Beth said...

Lucy - thanks for the tip - hypnodieting, sounds very new age - perhaps I could find one that repeated chants of "ice cream is never your friend..."

Adalita - I wish I could stop at 6 squares!!!

Jaded - thanks for following :) and love your blog too!

Jen - wow, I wouldn't have lasted 6 months in Tassie, (not only would I be too scared of the two head-ers :P), but I would have seriously been the first human to combust from cadbury overindulgence...I'm a sucker for top deck...

Thanks for your comments ladies :)

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