Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fringe or foe?

This always happens. Winter strolls around, and I crave a fringe. It's like a fringe is the one thing that sums up winter for me. A cute little fringe to frame your face and poke out from underneath your beanie.

My hair is the longest it has been since about grade 5. And it's still only just past my shoulders! Yet as it grows, it feels more and more underwhelming. I went from short fun hair, to longer dull dead straight hair. Where are the 'long, luscious locks' that I was promised when saying no to the chop?!

So - I'm thinking of dropping by my hairdresser on the weekend and getting a cute little winter fringe installed. Thoughts?

The blunt fringe: friend or foe??


Ali said...

i know whenever i get mine cut into a fringe, i get sick of it it in about 2 minutes and sweep it into a side fringe. its up to you - i think itll look good!

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