Thursday, June 10, 2010

wearing the pants...

I'm not a pants kinda gal. They just do not suit me. I have a smaller butt/thigh area in comparison to my gut - which makes for an upside down triangle shape of a girl. Coupled with my very feminine tastes, trousers just look wrong on me. Jeans I can do - but even then I feel very self conscious of my disproportionate body. You'll find me in dresses and skirts most's how I roll.

With Europe only a few months away, I'm trying to figure out what on earth I'm going to wear that's easy to pack and comfortable - without looking like a total tourist. Looking forward to checking out Trenery this weekend - Country Road's more conservative range (is Country Road non conservative? What would Gasp be then? Dirrrrrty...). These are one pair of trousers I think could work...and the jeans are cute and simple too!

Suggestions on how to 'wear the pants' so to speak?

Images by Trenery


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