Saturday, June 19, 2010

I followed it, all night long

Do you think this awesome fellow Melbourne based blogger would be a little freaked out to hear that I spent my Saturday night at home on the couch reading her entire back catalogue? Perhaps she'd be flattered? Or perhaps she'd just think I was sad and in need of a social life?!

She should be flattered though, her blog is tops! I love her sense of style, kind of vintage/retro 50s, with a good splash of crisp white paint and a touch of that kind of Scandinavian wooden detailing look. As you can see, I'm no pro when it comes to interior design lingo - but I sure do like the blog 'It followed me home'! (as seen at Table Tonic)

And LB if you're reading - time for another trip to Camberwell Markets!!

A few of the particulars which caught my eye:

images via here


Adalita said...

Ooh how cute - I love them all!

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