Friday, July 9, 2010

a trick of the eye, oh my!

For part of LB's b'day present I took him along to the Melbourne Magic Festival! LB loves British optical illusion specialist Derren Brown (check out that russian roulette - nuts!) - so I was mighty impressed to see the young fellow whose show we were attending had modelled himself on Derren.

Melbournians I recommend you head over to the Northcote Town Hall and check out Christopher's Illusion and Delusion show!

It was a great show and even involved both myself and LB getting up on stage to help out with a few of his tricks. Including his very own version of the russian roulette using a massive sharp metal stake! eeeeep!

Very cool how much control one can have of another's mind!

PS - anyone else planning their afternoon of macaroon making after another awesome week of Masterchef? See the tower hiding away in this pic? delish!

image via dustjacket attic


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