Saturday, December 10, 2011

Benefiting from the Brow Experts

Benefit Brow Bar via 


They really do shape a lady's face. There's nothing like that fresh feeling when you've just had a tidy up, leaving so much more room to play with eye makeup in the area - and so much more expression.

Well, I thought I had it down pat, my brow specialist Maya had been shaping my face for the past few years. The shape was great. But I wanted more. I wanted more arch, more thickness, more more more!

Insert Benefit Brow Bar.

The ladies at Melb CBD Benefit getting their brow on!

Benefit's marketing strategy is a corker. Imagine being 'just another' beauty counter at department stores around the world. How on earth do you get cut through? Cute packaging, tick, reliable products, tick - but everyone has those bases covered! Clearly one of their best sellers, brows a-go-go got them thinking outside the cute-as-pie box --- no one specialises in brows. Let's do it!

Hats off to you Benefit, you've outdone yourself!

The whole experience was a lot of fun. I booked early to avoid disappointment, got to the counter and it was a buzzing - girls everywhere, waxing, powdering, ra ra ra! It may not be for those who like a little privacy when they're having teeny tiny hairs ripped from their face. But fun all the same!

My brow specialist, a cute pommy girl, lined up her measuring stick to make sure she had the right angle to get the super arch happening. She asked if I'd like a tint. A tint? I'd never had a tint before! Hell, why not!

Tint on, wax twirling, the whole process was over in 15 mins and the results were outstanding. Until today my brows were so sparse - but the tint really bulked up the beauty!

But then the fun really started - my pommy waxer sat me down with another girl, Hannah, who spent a good 20 min playing beauty show&tell with me. By the end I wanted to ask her if she'd be my BFF and go buy matching charm bracelets with me! ha! She was so lovely - and showed me heaps of products which I'd totally overlooked in the past.

I took home a new lippy and gloss - so stunning - and left with a Christmas wish-list a mile long (and the good sense to not purchase anything more in-store until I look online for a cheaper deal, my bad!)!

Thanks Benefit - I'll be back!


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