Thursday, July 7, 2011

Return of the mack..or was it max? And a new beauty book to knock your socks off!

I always sang 'return of the max..' - but that's very 'beth' - my Lover Boy (Happy Birthday today!) always laughs at my ability to make up my own lyrics to songs. He will forever be known as my 'shaving grace', after a roadtrip where Beyonce's 'Halo' featured prominently and it wasn't until we had travelled quite far along the Great Ocean Road that my interpretation was corrected, with much laughter to ensue...

Meanwhile, back to the topic - I'm alive! I didn't die after my surgery (my worrying once again hitting where it hurts). The surgery went well, we found Endo, treated it, and my little uterus is all ready to house many many happy fat bouncing babies (one day...). Enough of the over share - time to return to fun topics, methinks!

Like Beauty. I admit - I have a girl crush.

The other day I was walking through the city DJs on my lunch break, when I saw a cluster of people all gushing over a gorgeous brunette, who was signing books and smiling for cameras. My thoughts of 'who's the D-grade celebrity today?' were quickly overshadowed by something shining over on the MAC counter, and I quickly forgot about said brunette.

Until I saw an snippet of an interview on TV, and had to track her down. And by her, I mean Zoe Foster.

Beauty editor, author, youtube-producer-extraordinaire. This girl has serious Wow! factor. I've spent the whole afternoon looking at her YouTube clips and flicking through her new book Amazing Face which I quickly ran to Dymocks to buy today.

I just wish I'd discovered her last week so that I could have had my book signed too!!


Adalita said...

Beth - I'm glad you are doing okay after the Endo operation. It looks like a great book.

Ali said...

love your guts girl and glad you're back!! :) have you seen zoe's blog too - it's part of my daily 'research' for work!! haha!! her book is definitely on my list to buy!! xx

Beth said...

Thanks girls! I have SO many blogs to read back over, I'm vowing to never leave the blog world for two weeks ever again - I miss out on too much!

Yep Ali, how good is Primped? I'm SO jealous of your research. I'd SO love to make the transition into beauty one day - I wonder if I ever could, you know, the environment sector to the beauty sector - not such a massive jump, huh?! :P

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