Tuesday, December 7, 2010

sew, la, ti, d'oh!!

I recently inherited the use of my late grandmother's Janome sewing machine. Well, to be honest - it was more like I finally found the courage to ask my grandpa if I could borrow it from the room where it was collecting dust...

After a long, incredibly uncomfortable silence, he said "well, I guess you can borrow it for a while". Then, after I said my million thank yous, he said with a wry smile "if I kick the bucket tonight you can keep it".

His sense of humour sure has withstood the time!

(not the real Lady Sew-So, but a not to distant relative...)

So after a good scrub my Lady Sew-So is ready to go! Over the weekend I hunted through my fabric box for a pretty pink piece which I decided to make some cushions from. Once the bobbin was thread (I forgot how much I hated doing that in year 8 textiles!) I took her for a spin - only to find that Lady Sew-So was stuck in reverse! D'oh! I think I'll need to get her serviced...she is from the late 80's afterall, a tune up should do the trick!

Then I'll be ready for my next project: hellllllo adorable patchwork quilt!!! I spotted this one on Urban Outfitters the other day and thought 'hey, I could do that!'. Time to hunt down a copy of Quilt Making for Dummies methinks!


Ali said...

yay beth! cant wait to see what you make! I want to make a quilt for next winter too!! that one from urban outfitters is gorgeous!! :)

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